Hello, I'm Damyan Ognyanoff, and this is my place on the WEB. Live and work in Sofia, Bulgaria as a software engineer in a small bulgarian company.

Here you can find data about my hobby - HAM RADIO.

note that I'm working /QRP on all bands mostly due to the limits of areal space at my present QTH, but really enjoy this way of practicing it.

Equipment: Yeasu FT-817(all-in-one beauty, 5W), Alinco dj580(handheld 2m/70cm, 5w), Kenwood TS-770 (base 2m/70cm, 12W)

2m: HB9CV and a 5/8 vertical for mobile work (I'm using is also as a 1/4 for 6m).

6m: asymmetric dipole (3:1) twisted around my balcony - used as a counterpose for my HF wire vertical.

HF: ~8m single wire in vertical position (hanging downward few levels from my balcony) - matched with a simple L-match at the TRX side

bands covered: 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m- but I have also few contacts on 40m with it (attaching additional ~1m piece at the end)


I also enjoy taking pictures with my Canon 300D. please visit my www.flickr.com or www.photo-forum.net to look at some of these!