my QSL card(front)

I enjoy collecting QSL cards (not for diplomas but to show something as a real outcome out of this hobby to my wife :-)).
So if you like to send me one - via the LZ-BURO is ok - LZ1OT (Vladimir Radev) is dong a great job keeping it alive and fully functional.
I also confirm contacts via - no problem, either if you are interested in chasing one of the eAwards proposed by this site, or just thinking that papercards are way too expensive or, somehow, oldfashioned nowadays!.

this is the front side of my QSL card. Printed by LZ1JZ

it shows a sunrise, as seen from my (other, looking at EAST) balcony. the text states 'Sunrise at KN12QP, Sofia, Bulgaria'.

my QSL card(back)

and the back side