Here you can find data about my hobby - HAM RADIO.

note that I'm working /QRP on all bands mostly due to the limits of areal space at my present QTH, but really enjoy this way of practicing it.

Equipment: Yeasu FT-817(all-in-one beauty, 5W), Alinco dj580(handheld 2m/70cm, 5w), Kenwood TS-770 (base 2m/70cm, 12W)

2m: HB9CV and a 5/8 vertical for mobile work (I'm using is also as a 1/4 for 6m).

6m: asymmetric dipole (3:1) twisted around my balcony - used as a counterpose for my HF wire vertical.

HF: ~8m single wire in vertical position (hanging downward few levels from my balcony) - matched with a simple L-match at the TRX side

bands covered: 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m- but I have also few contacts on 40m with it (attaching additional ~1m piece at the end)

"; $main_page_title_2="Photography"; $main_page_info_2="I also enjoy taking pictures with my Canon 300D. please visit my or to look at some of these! "; $menu_name="menu"; $menu_item_1="about"; $menu_link_1="?about"; $about_page_title="about us"; $about_page_info=" REMOTE ADDRESS is $remote_addr
"; $about_page_title_2="--1"; $about_page_info_2="--2"; $menu_item_2="qsl"; $menu_link_2="?qsl"; $products_page_title="my QSL card(front) "; $products_page_info=" I enjoy collecting QSL cards (not for diplomas but to show something as a real outcome out of this hobby to my wife :-)).
So if you like to send me one - via the LZ-BURO is ok - LZ1OT (Vladimir Radev) is dong a great job keeping it alive and fully functional.
I also confirm contacts via - no problem, either if you are interested in chasing one of the eAwards proposed by this site, or just thinking that papercards are way too expensive or, somehow, oldfashioned nowadays!.

this is the front side of my QSL card. Printed by LZ1JZ

it shows a sunrise, as seen from my (other, looking at EAST) balcony. the text states 'Sunrise at KN12QP, Sofia, Bulgaria'.

"; $products_page_title_2="my QSL card(back)"; $products_page_info_2="and the back side
"; $menu_item_3="toys"; $menu_link_3="?toys"; $history_page_title="Iambic mouse trainer"; $history_page_info=" Use the Mouse as Iambic paddle!
Note: keep the Mouse cursor within the applet area so to be able to manipulate the 'keyer' - good luck with this new toy!
"; $history_page_title_2="usage:"; $history_page_info_2=" use left and right mouse buttons to generate CW. \"reverse\" checkbox swaps the paddles.
The applet will try (hard) to decode what you are transmitting and will place the decoded text in the area of the control.

ENJOY! "; $menu_item_4="contacts"; $menu_link_4="?contacts"; $contacts_page_title="contacts"; $contacts_page_info=" e-mail: (fix '-at-' to '@' first) "; $contacts_page_title_2="links"; $contacts_page_info_2=" < place for links here > "; ?> <? echo $company_name;?>